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Welcome to Sons Of Smycms.


Sons Of SMYCMS is the place to be to find out all you need to know about the social side of  Smycms.

Why not go Backstage and see what they got up to when they were not rehearsing.

Want to know all the answers, who?, what?, where? and why?, then go to About Us.

For all the latest on whats happening  visit the  Blog page.

Follow the weekly rantings of Ol’ Cap’n Rocket Ron as he gives us his view of Smycms and his mundane life on his very own Pirate Page.

Read about the Frank Spencer Trio, Who or what were they?, Were they really funny?. What happened to them?, No idea! then get a ticket to the  Green room.

Latest News from smycms.com

Smycms  have finally closed the curtains for the last time and will no longer be involved in musical theatre.

Please  visit our official website for all the news at smycms.com

Latest News from Sons Of Smycms

Coming soon-

The Frank Spencer Trio will be performing at the Smycms Reunion Party next year 2018 after getting back together.

More details to follow.

Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Posted November 27, 2011 by tony mcdonald

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  2. As an original member [fiddler on the roof)
    I wonder if it’s about time a reunion was organised ??

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