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Well it be a while since the Ol’ Cap’n put pen to paper but I haven’t been out much lately, sorry what I mean is I’ve been out but not much has happened. That is until the leavin’ do, the two Davids, movin’ on to new offices, decided to have a farewell drink at Madisons in Musselburgh on Friday the 28th September.

Naturally the Ol Cap’n would attend, just the one you’ll understand, to say a fond farewell to Messers Mclean  and Bryson.  Unfortunately it was a poor turnout with only six colleagues to chit the chat with David box 4 n’ David box 3, however we had a pleasant evening. We talked the talk and discussed the discuss, we also recounted the recount, then David box 4 told how he went all the way to Canada on holiday once only to bump into his next door neighboour, and David box 3 explained how he came to be known as Disco Dave, sadly he left before he could prove it on the dance floor, fortunately the Ol’ Cap’n Rocket Ron was on hand to burn the floor.

By this time only the lovely wench Ruth remained with the Ol’ Cap’n suppin’ the Ol’ Jack Daniels, the DJ  was startin’ to warm up and the Ol’ Cap’ns  feet were twitchin’, I should have left for home at this point but the music was startin’ to improve and then a blonde woman appeared beggin’ for a dance, well how could I resist a damsel in distress, unfortunately I hadn’t banked on her other 7 friends joining in. What followed next was a blur of baggy trousers and Madness and Neil Diamond, finally I escaped back to my seat and Ruth.

We decided to call it a night, but not before my new found friend Fiona had dragged me up again to do The Slosh, shouting shake yer bum several times, she was clearly drunk, then introducing me to her friends as we danced along. Now would be a good time to leave in one piece I thought and so Ruth and myself left and headed for home. You always leave the ladies wantin’ more. Till the next time, which will be an office night out on Friday 26th October at Madisons, hopefully Fiona and her pals won’t be there wantin’ more.


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