Madison’s Part 2   Leave a comment

Once again the Ol’ Cap’n was out on a Friday night at Madison’s Bar and Diner in Musselburgh tryin’ to  encourage fellow colleagues to come out to play after work. Friday 26 of  October was the first of a 3 month trial to instigate more social activities among me office crew. After much speculation only Ruth and Isabel joined the Ol’ Cap’n Rocket Ron for an evening of food, drink and chit chat followed by some good vibes on the dance floor, also The Hibbees were cuffin’ Motherwell by 4 goals to nil on the big screen, which was as big a surprise as the poor turnout, considerin’ they were playin’ mostly in the bottom half of the league last season.

Some how the Ol’ Cap’n has been roped in to organisin’ social shenanigans because  people complained that we were all work and no play, but then when you do they are reluctant to commit. Same ol’ story. Hopefully we’ll get a few more turnin’ up next time when we have our second visit to Madison’s at the end of November.  Our office Christmas Party on the 21st December will be well attended. However we had a pleasant evening and more importantly the Ol’ Cap’n went home on the bus rather than the usual stumble up the road.

Things on the boil include a quiz night, a pub treasure trail and watch out for our fifteen minute panto, i’ll be lookin’ for volunteers if not ye’ll be press ganged, oh no we won’t, oh yes ye will. Did I mention me big sausage, no, best not, you know how jealous some people get. Finally who has seen me sporting a reindeer posing pouch, Neigh-Neigh-body I hope.

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