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Smycms are no more, they have been assigned to that big stage in the sky, as of July 2016 the company that was formed in 1963 closed its curtains for the last time. Their last production was Bugsy Malone back in 2010, since then it has been a hard uphill task to kick start the company. Several attempts were made to stage a full production , then latterly a concert was planned but both succumbed to lack of company members and dwindling funds. wardrobe

Our Costume Wardrobe, which included lots of costumes hand made by our Wardrobe Mistress and volunteers, was broken up with many of the costumes ending up in landfill. This was the final and only option at the end as we couldn’t find a suitable home or someone who would take them off our hands, which was very sad as our wardrobe had been built up over a long period of time. We did manage to dispose of many costumes to other wardrobes/companies, so you may see them treading the boards some place in the future.

Thanks for the memories.

Tony McDonald,


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