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Here you will find all the answers and more,

  • Who are the Sons of Smycms?
  • What are they all about?
  • Where does it all happen?
  • And why?

The new Social Club, A.K.A. Sons of SMYCMS, has been set up to promote the social side of SMYCMS (all work and no play makes Jack and Jill a dull person). By organising events and functions we can have some fun and entertainment away from the rigours of  Rehearsals while at the same time raising much needed revenue that will benefit the whole company. Some of the money will be used to cover costs ( i.e. booking fees, crisps and prizes etc.) and at the end of the season a donation, dependent on how much profit we make, from the Social Club will be given to the SMYCMS Committee to help with funding for next years show.
If you would like to see any other events organised, maybe a quiz night, a car rally, Karaoke or just to meet up for a drink once a month, Of course we will be having our usual themed Pre-Show Party, and our Mid Show meal is very popular as is the After Show Party, not forgetting drinkies after each performance during Show Week. Gosh, anyone would think we were just party animals and not the professional looking top notch musical company that they come to see each year at the Church Hill Theatre.

Who says you can’t be Professional,

and party at the same time. 




How do you say smycms.

  • It is pronounced SMY as in smith and CMS as in comes, so SMI- COMES becomes SMYCMS, easy peasy.

What does it mean.

  •  It is an Acronym for St. Michaels Youth Musical Society, which was quite a mouthfull to say so some clever person had the bright idea to use the acronym which could be said out loud, SMYCMS, and so it made its first appearance in 1963.

Who are they.

  • The SMYCMS are an amateur musical society who were originally formed by Elizabeth Fyffe and Colin MacDonald from the youth club at St. Michaels Church Slateford Road Edinburgh, where they still rehearse today in the church hall. With the advancement of the years, the youth club element of the society has gradually faded.

Where do they perform.

  • Originally they would perform their shows in the Church Hall of St. Michael’s, but then in 1973 when the big time arrived and they made their debut at the Churchill Theatre in Morningside, with the Edinburgh (Amateur) Premiere of Fiddler on the Roof, and 45 years later they are still going strong.

Inside the Church Hill Theatre.If you are interested in finding out more about the SMYCMS please visit our official website smycms.com

  • To audition to join the company for future productions.
  • To be added to our mailing list.
  • To find out about sponsorship and advertising opportunities

Please contact Smycms by e-mail at smycms@gmail.com

Posted June 18, 2011 by tony mcdonald

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