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Well wouldn’t you know it, after getting changed and tidied up after the final performance, Tony was standing in the bar feeling quite happy until his co-conspirator, Alan pipes up “how’s your costume for tonight”, Tony looks at him blankly, BAM the hammer hits, (DOH somebody should shoot that damn physician) in all the excitement he had forgotton to put his Leslie and Jonny still looking fresh at 3:00 a.m.costume on under his shirt in preparation for a quick reveal
for tonights entertainment.

So there he was back at his car changing into a pink strappy top under his shirt. (Did you know that when Tony went into the shop to buy it the lady behind the counter says to him we’ve got a special offer on these tops, buy one get one half price, maybe your wife would like another  colour, Tony then informs her that it is actually for him and that he would be dressing up at a party. The lady looks him up and down then says if you don’t mind me saying sir but I think you’d be better with the larger size rather than this medium that you’ve got, OUCH!, Tony bought the two sizes and bade a hasty retreat.) anyway, I just hope none of the residents were looking out their windows, It might have looked very suspicious. Can you imagine Tony trying to explain to the Constable what he was doing while frantically searching for his photo in the program. As luck would have it he made it safely to the Masonic Lodge in Morningside where the Party was being held.

After a bit of dancing, some more drinking and the buffet it was time for the Awards including The Perfect Smycm to be followed by some traditional off the wall entertainment.

1. Best Rookie: Piano Paul A.K.A. Tony.

What a guy, he is our rehearsal pianist, and Alisons right hand man (ED. we have Paul and Laura looking gorgeous.actually come across a little known publication called Piano Players and Philosophers, which includes bios of both these fine people, we will be publishing an article next month if we can come up with enough readies, as since Paul won this award his fee has doubled.)

This was his first time on stage in a Smycms show, previously he had been confined to the orchestra pit, and what can I say, he fair blossomed, a word then a line next he was mingling with the chorus, playing two pianos, he was putting meat on his bone, sorry can I say that.

2. Best Non Speaking Role: The Wheelchair.

Sadly it couldn’t be with us so Lech collected the Award in its abscence. What a performance, it never put a foot, sorry wheel wrong and I don’t think it missed a cue, superb.

3. Best Use Of A Prop: Sarah Henderson.

Well it wasn’t so much as one prop but several props over various nights, first it was a brooch then a ring and finally a hair clasp that went winging out into the audience as she was spun by Peter as they danced. It’s just as well Peter had a firm grip or it might have been Sarah winging it into the audience.


Carmel, Sarah and Susan attempt a Pasa Doble, I think4. Best Stage Whisper:  Susan D’aish.

When the chorus were on stage they had to look as if they were chatting but not so that it detracts from the Principals dialogue. Most of the time the most you would have heard was ” Where am I next” or ” You shouldn’t be here” and ” Don’t sit on that seat, that’s where Maureen sits”, but the winner came as Susan looked into Alans’ eyes and with a mischevious twinkle in her eye said, “Why don’t we go over there and fill a hole” Brilliant, I’m surprised you didn’t hear Alans jaw drop.

the perfect smycm 2008

This award is given out each year to someone in the company who goes above and beyond the call of duty, goes that extra inch, attends as many social events and goes to the pub after rehearsals and tidies up and washes cups after coffee breaks during rehearsals, and generally is a good laugh, So this year at no expense spared The Perfect Smycm T.Shirt goes to Kenny Miller. I don’t know how many of Kenny, The Perfect SMYCM with Lech and realised but Kenny drove all the way up to Dundee, I think, to collect a new  costume as the one he had been given was a tad small for his well proportioned body (ED. didn’t they use to say someone was big-boned!) on driving back, there he was with the window wound down his hair waving in the breeze the stereo blaring out the Beach Boys greatest hits and the sun beating in, yes you guessed it sun burn all down his face, lobster red if i’m not mistaken, this inspired a lyric to the tune of  “I’m Always True To You In My Fashion”,

“Did you hear that Kenny croak,
When he sang his ending note, But it’s Oakey Dokey Ok.
Cause Kermit Too, Sang it once but I don’t know where, just someone said,
All I know is Kermits green and Kennys Red.”

Well done Kenny, and a last word from Tony,

You’re the top, You’re so goddamned Talented,
You’re the top, you’re so goddamned intelligent.
This is what I say when I shave each day,
But if Kenny I’m the Top then you’re the best..

the rehearsal

Alan and Tony entertained the party with a little number, it was pink and sparkly and was worn by Tony, I’m beginning to suspect he has a hidden secret, especially after last year at the 42nd street After Show, you didn’t see him, well its best not David looking cool and dwell on it, it’s the stuff of nightmares. This year the duo did a parody of Don’t Fence Me In and may I say it was Brilliant, the dancing was breathtaking (ED. eat your heart out Sarah and Peter) and as for the Harmonies, Liquid Gold. I’m sure Cole Porter will be spinning in his grave as to what they have done to his song, Awesome.

the after after show party

For those lucky enough to make it to the After After Show party, You know who you are, they were treated to an impromptu solo by Andrew doing The Entertainer by Scott Joplin, this was followed by Tony A.K.A Piano Paul who just happened to have brought his music and as he played we all sang most of the solos from the show until the dawn on Sunday morning, Thanks to Susan for inviting us back to her place, it was a perfect ending to a wonderful week and as Cole Porter once wrote “well did you evah, what a swell party this was”. Thank you and Goodnight.

Posted November 27, 2011 by tony mcdonald

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