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For a change, we had finished the last performance on Saturday night, much earlier than in previous years, we were back in the dressing rooms by 22:00 and we were hot to go. The After Show Party beckoned, Tony and the two Andrews’ (Hannah and Reid), (ED: Sounds like an american cop duo, notice how it sounds better than saying Reid and Hannah.) had earlier run through the routine earmarked as the entertainment for the After Show later on. We had gone to the pub, The Waiting Room, to have some food between the matinee and the evening performance, and took the opportunity to have a run through. Most of the people in the pub were engrossed in the Heineken Cup Final between Leinster and Leicester and did not notice this strange trio sitting in the corner singing about Gentlemen at the Back, may be they thought it was an Irish rugby song about being in the Back Row. It wouldn’t be until they got to the Shandon Bar, where the After Three cool catsShow Party was being held, that the three (ED: stooges, perhaps.) guys would have a proper try out in the gents toilet before unleashing it on their unsuspecting audience.


After some music from the juke box, more drinks, trays of good food and plenty of chat it was now time for the usual Awards (ED: more like unusual, if you ask me.) to take place followed by the half time entertainment.

1. Best Non Speaking Role: Paul Millest.

This award is given to the person who goes above and beyond the call of duty, who, although they have nothing to say, their acting abilities come to the fore. Special mention here for our Choreographer Laura who every night stood in the wings and tap danced her little socks off in order to help and also augment the tap dancing of our one and only Mikado Dave.(ED: didn’t you love the bit where Mikado Dave suddenly stops tapping but the taps carried on, brilliant.) Each night at half time, there they would both be tapping away in the dressing room, and I have to say by the end of the week Laura had almost got it and if she sticks Hugs and she may make something of this dancing malarky.

And so to our winner, what can I say about Paul that hasn’t already been said, you may recall he was the winner of the Rookie of the Year last time, and he has obviously honed his acting skills to perfection. Normally when someone dies on stage it usually means that they dry up, forget the words, (ED: sometimes known as doing a Tony.) but in this case all he had to do was act as if he had been shot by Koko. Well I never, it started off quite straight forward as he just slumped on the piano, but by the end of the week he was falling against the wall of the orchestra pit hands in the air before sliding into oblivion, finally waving a white flag. (ED:  he was also considered for the Best Overacting award.)  As Paul was late in arriving he received his award posthumously (ED: I don’t think thats the correct use) Congratulations to Paul Millest.

2. Best Oops: Paul Findlay.

When things don’t quite go as planned, like when chunks of dialogue go missing, hear what i’m saying Harry, or when you forget props, as when Denny playing the part of Nanki Poo reaches into his pocket to find he has no money what you musn’t do is lean over and whisper to Lech as Pooh Bah, “I haven’t got the money” sure as dammit the microphone will pick it up Laura and some stage door johnnies.and send it out to the audience.

But these pale into insignificance when it comes to our winner, all he had to do was to run on stage when the drums sounded, unfortunately for Paul there were two drum beats, one before Koko’s line and one after, he should have come on at the drums after Koko’s line but Paul was all keyed up trying not to make a mistake that when he heard the drums he was off like a whippet, right into the middle of Koko’s line. OOPS. The only saving grace for Paul was that he wasn’t the only lemon to end up on stage as some of the cast, on seeing Paul run on thought they were late and also ran on. (ED: they did manage to act beautifully so that the audience were none the wiser that a mistake had been made. Someone was later heard to remark,  ” How was I to know I had to come on at the second drums?) Congratulations to Paul Findlay.

3. Best Use Of A Prop: Harry Dozier.

This award was a close run thing, firstly there was Lorna’s whip, which she almost cracked every night, then there were the guys and the fans. Never have I seen so many uses for a fan other than what it was designed to do, i.e. Fan. But the outright winner is the Hat that Harry had to wear. No matter what he did it still just looked like a floppy hat. At the start of the week Harry was singing, ” I’ll take the bloody hat, I’ll burn the bloody hat, And it never will be missed, It never will be missed.” But by the end of the week he was singing, “I love my little.hat, Can I keep my little hat, Oh it never will be missed, ” I’m sure it wont be missed” Congratulations to Harry.

4. Best Over Acting: David Van Der Bergh.

Lorna was a contender for this award ( she overdid her rolling around the stage and groaning bit.) as was Lech, (for holding up the show with his long held note.) But none came close to the eventual winner, Mikado Dave, who excelled in his role as the tap dancing Mikado, who every night changed his lines or added some extra lines. A few examples, ” I wanted to call him Brian.” or ” Japanese Tart” and ” If you’ve got it flaunt it.” and finally one that didn’t make it on stage, when  Lech as Pooh Bah says that he is the Coroner, David was going to reply, ” I bet you’ve seen plenty of stiffs.” Lucky for us it was a line too far. So why do dancers do jazz hands? (ED: well in Dave’s case it’s when the dance is too difficult to learn, and by the way that’s another line he added, What a guy and a worthy winner.) Congratulations David.

the perfect smycm 2009

As the winner of this years award would not be at the After Show Party it was decided to present the customary Perfect Smycm T-Shirt to the winner before the Saturday Matinee performance got under way. This award is given each year to the one company member who does that little bit extra, not only at rehearsals but on stage as well. This person not only stood out on stage, as her dancing and facial expressions were always 100%, but also at rehearsals she was not afraid to pick up a brush to sweep up all those feathers, and wield a tea towel to dry the cups, but also had time to show the less able some of the moves. So it’s congratulations to Carmel, a thoroughly good egg, as they say.

the andrews sisters and tony.

Once the Awards were out of the way it was time for the Half time entertainment, this year being no exception and zany as ever. Tony along with the two Andrews who were both kitted out as Smycms version of the Andrews sisters, complete with wigs and GI uniforms, unfortunately the caps wouldn’t stay on. Andrew wondered if this would enhance his street cred(ED: beautifully made by Tony from some large sheets of paper and a technique called Origami. So his time spent watching Blue Peter was not wasted.) They sang a song from the show called “Gentlemen of Japan” from which Tony came up with the title of ” Gentlemen at the Back” Their routine even had some choreography mixed in, though I have to say it looked suspiciously like some of Laura’s moves, never mind, they were executed beatifully don’t you think. So there you have it a thoroughly enjoyable evening  to round off Show week and although audience numbers were disapointing we certainly put on an excellent show and it was so enjoyable to be a part of it.Not sure if there was an After, After Show Party as in previous years, maybe you could drop us a line and let us know to

Andrew finally gets something to do.      

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