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Tuesday 11th March was the date of the quiz night, which took place THE WINNERS, "MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY".at The Shandon Snooker Club. Thanks to all who took part, and congratulations to the winning team of Alan, Mary, Zoe and Paul (stage name Tony).

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Mary answered most of the difficult questions.

Alan guards the Winning goodies.ALL THE STATS.

There were 7 rounds, worth a total of 185 pts. 5 teams took part, 4 with 4 and 1 with 2 (they didn’t win either).
514 correct answers, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, they also didn't win.and 411 wrong answers, of these 84 were blank. The lowest score of all the rounds was 2 (what a shame, Rising Damp, this is probably why you didn’t win), with the highest score being 44 (well done My Heart Belongs to Daddy, this is probably why you won) (ED, just get on with it will you!!) The best use of the Joker was the team, Rising Damp with a score of 32 (why didnt you win),and finally there were 4 packets of crisps consumed. (ED. tell them we made a small profit)

THE LOVELY MELISSA DID NOT MAKE THIS BIRD AFTER ALL, AMAZING!!The question was, Who were the actors who starred in the Magnificent Seven, Apparently CARAMEL (she's such a sweetie) AND HER TEAM, "RISING DAMP". THEY DID NOT WINthere was David Attenburgh, Victoria Beckham, Barbara Windsor, Sidney Poitier and Jane Austen (I think she was the one that fell off her horse)

Would you have known who was in the England Football team of 1966 that won the World Cup, no, well neither did our quiz teams. Did you know that Dusty Bin was in goal, we had a Zoe and Paul (stage name Tony) enjoy that winning feeling.back four of Charlotte Church, Johnny Ball, The Easter Bunny and Maradonna, while up front knocking in the goals were King George IV and A Piece of String. I suspect this is why Mildly Moist finished 2nd (ED. didn’t this team have three girlies in it, I ask you, girls and football, Nah!!!) This team also thought that GIMP was a character from the Bash Street Kids.(ED. I wonder what sort of comics they read?)





1st       MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY   132 pts

2nd      MILDLY MOIST                              127 pts

3rd       ZERO POINT FIVE                          107 pts

4th       RISING DAMP                                 106 pts

5th       THE TWILIGHT ZONE                      103 pts

Isn’t it wonderful how creative people can be when it comes to choosing a suitable name for their team, now let me think, where did the winners get their name from, I wonder!! As for Mildly Moist, don’t even go there, folks. As you can see the scoring was very close with the winners only achieving greatness by five points.

TONY (not Paul (stage name Tony), was drinking Fresh Orange and Soda.

Posted November 27, 2011 by tony mcdonald

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