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The Mid show meal took place at Mammas Pizza restaurant on the Grassmarket and was well attended by most of the cast and production team. I don’t know about you but I thought it was great value, it was a quiet, relaxed evening with nothing outrageous happening, probably because we were all stuffed with Tortilla chips and Pizzas.. The only down side was that we didn’t Conga out of the restaurant at the end Lorna and Dave get chummy, while Alison fails to stay upright for 30 seconds.of the evening, sorry Kenny.  Peter has a go at arm wrestling and beats himself.

David still manages to smile even after eating 10 large slices of pizza.
Tony props up Andrew and prevents the lovely Linda from falling over, what a gentleman.Kenny keeps a firm hold of Melissa and prevents her running away from getting her photograph taken.

Susan and Jane as usual looking delovely and happy, though Alistair looks as if he should be at a Trekkie Convention, there is a definite Captain James T. Kirk look about him, don’t you think.

Susan, Jane and Alistair. P.S. We had a complaint Christine and Lucy decide who gets the last slice of peperoni pizza.about the original photo being too dark, so we shone a light and from out of the shadows………etc.???

Look at the camera and say CHEESE, that's you as well Tony.


Posted November 27, 2011 by tony mcdonald

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