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Well after last years non event the Pre-Show Party came back with a bang courtesy of our very own Dave Van De Velde. (Ed:Oscar to you and me babe, NEXT!)  It was a strange affair, The S Factor, sort of a mix between Reeves and Mortimer’s Shooting Stars and Trivial Pursuits, though it turned out to be anything but trivial as the three teams battled it out to avoid being last (ED: Yup, no matter where your team finishes you are happy, just as long as you don’t finish last.) The teams on offer had the usual suspect names as first up we had “Soosies Floosies” captained by The Daish, followed by “.Here’s my lollipop, suck it!!!” under the control of Fizzy Pop, and least but not last “Team Lech” , a team with Lech as captain (ED: Well that makes perfect sense.)The 3 captains, picked for their high I.Q.'s, who worryingly needed their names printed on the wall

There were various rounds interspersed with drink and nibbles and all conducted in the worst possible taste (ED: Especially Lollipop, Suck it and sees’ version of the Jungle Books Bare Neccesities, suitably re-named The Bare Extremities which involved some bare back riding between Fizzy Pop and Mark, not for the faint hearted.). Round One and Two had us guessing music clips, with the movie ones particularly difficult, Oh by the way I forgot to mention the preliminarys which had everyone writing down such diverse topics as your Biggest Regret, Favourite Musical (ED: Whoa Dave that one’s so radical, you being a member of a Musical Society and all that.), Teen Crush, Random Fact and the hardest one, Favourite Smycm. (ED: no points for guessing who Tony picked.) The next round involved singing a song to a different tune, (ED:according to our MD this what we’ve been doing for weeks.) Lech did a very good version of So You Wanna Be A Boxer to the tune of Love me Tender, unfortunately Tony was first up singing So Macho by Sinitta to the French national anthem, La Marseillaise, the look from Alison as she played the piano while Tony kinda Ho He Ho’ed through the lyrics said it all, funny that’s the same look she gives him at rehearsals,surely can’t be about his singing, n’est ce pas. Team Lech contemplate their lack of points.  

The final round involved each team picking a song then writing new words before performing song with choreography before the other teams, with the 3 captains scoring them on performance, originality and comic value.Team Lech stole their moves from Laura P. (ED: well the ones they could remember any way) but still delivered a Team Performance, ably assisted on piano by Alison who had picked the song I’m Getting Married in the Morning because it was the easiest to play (ED:no wonder she never got her stage three music grade.) The words they came up with went something like this,

I’m going to Smycms Monday evening,

Tony will open up the door,

Lech on Sharona, Gordon in Sedona

And Claire’s turned up late again.

Greg’s got to work on his projection,

Hands in his Pockets all the time,

Alison on piano, she’d rather have a gin……..!

So get me to the pub on time.

As you can see it has class written all over it, so naturally scored 10 points from each captain, way to go Team Lech.

Other highlights, Laura R singing Bugsy Gordon attempts to play Bachs 3rd movement in D major on his beer bottle.Malone to the tune of Cabaret, I think that was the tune, though I may be wrong, Fizzy Pop not dancing, Lech being unbiased in his scoring and finally Tony re-living the nightmare of the Doctor in Red Hot and Cole as he makes a complete erse of his lines, and I quote. ” as Coles Physician I could’nt ……(silence)…….ooohhhhh No!!.” He did though round up the evening with a rendition of last years after show party song, and for those of you who missed it we include a link where you can hear it perforrmed Acapulco style.Gentlemen At The Back.Thanks to Dave and cohorts for organising event and to all those who attended. And Piano Paul plays Oliver, his chums sing Bugsy, Magic.Finally, as Bugsy once said ” if it was raining brains Kenny’s team would still end up last”, Thank you and good night.


Posted November 27, 2011 by tony mcdonald

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