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Somebody gave me duff information, after receiving an e-mail confirming the venue for the After Show Party on Friday I duly arrived outside 22/4 but it was in darkness, I looked around but not a sound of loud music or laughter ,no disco lights flashing. It was like sleepy hollow. Just as I was about to leave a voice came from behind ”  If you’re looking for Ron, next door press No.2″, I had noticed him earlier as I arrived but had paid him no attention, and I certainly wasn’t going to ask him directions, what man would. and sure enough it should have been 24/2 (I Ronald and Jayne sitting pretty after organising a successful party, many thanks.found out later it was Rons’ flatmate).
Already there were Steve, Jane, Liz and Trish along with our Host Ronald. A note was put on the door outside in case any other poor unfortunate went to the wrong door. Dave came, then Kenny, Melissa, Jonny and Peter arrived, and finally David appeared unexpectedly,all Steve, Peter and Dave enjoy some banter, OOH THE BANTER!!most welcome. Encouraged and egged on by Ronald (you naughty boy) we were soon having a good bitch, ooh isn’t it great fun!!. Tony was soon into the nibbles but sadly had to settle for his chipolata dipped in sour cream. By this time Kenny was well into a bottle of Jack Daniels while Jane and Steve had found a Microphone.A good time was had by all, we sang a few songs had a few laughs, drank a few drinks and generally chilled out. Kenny gives Jonny the thumbs up on his Old Spice after shave.Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and thanks for coming. see you all at the Theatre on Sunday for the Technical Rehearsal.Turn out the lights the party’s over, so there you have it we all got home safely I think, though Kenny was wondering if he would have to walk home, TO FIFE !!, amazing stuff that Jack Daniels but I’m sure if he’d been on the Red Bull he could have flown home. I left the party as those that were left gave a rendition of ‘ I’m a Gigolo’ and before Jonny and Kenny sang  ‘Barcelona’ , no prizes for guessing who would sing the Freddie Mercury part. Top class entertainment you’ll agree. This is Frank Exposure outside No.22/4, in the rain, waiting for a taxi, saying Good Night.

Hello, that's the biggest goddamned plook i've seen in years, Kenny tells Jonny, as he proceeds to squeeze it.Melissa can't look as Jonny misheard a request for some nibblesExclusive, a Smycm finds a mic at the party.      People pay good money for this kind of stuff Liz, can Tony borrow it for the After Show Party??Ronald had always wanted a threesome but Trish and Liz were having none of it, down boy!!.TRIXIE-BELLE AND FOU FOU GET THE PARTY STARTED.

Posted November 27, 2011 by tony mcdonald

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