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The first event organised by the new look Social Committee took place at Murrayfield Indoor Sports Club where an evening of Bowling was the entertainment on offer for our group of fearless Alan patiently waits for his pint glass to be filled up.Smycms.

With varying degrees of expertise, the players scores at the end of the night would reflect this and so it was as we had a low score of 54 from our star of the show, Cole Porter, otherwise known as Lech (I’m sure he would have scored more if he had been in his wheelchair, it would have kept his legs focussed), A.K.A The Gutter King, because everytime I looked, there was his ball trundling down the gutter for another null points. He did win a bottle of wine for his efforts for having the lowest score overall, he should stick to something he is good at, namely, piano playing (ED. are you sure!!).

Jonny gives his "Gee, Did I Win" look.High score winner was Jonny, who clearly knew how to play the game, it must have taken years to perfect that technique, maybe he’s a natural like his acting (ED. are you sure!!) His score of 176 earned him a bottle of wine, well done Johnny you’re a goddamned genius, didn’t I tell you he was a goddamned genius.Enjoying the wit and banter at a Smycms night out.

Moira and Alan smile for the camera.








As for the rest of us, we were somewhere in between, but hey it’s the taking part that counts right Lech was feeling quite upbeat about his low score.Jonny basking in the glow of success.and we did have an entertaining night out, our thanks to Alan who organised the event, he’s not just a fine actor you know, he does have other talents (ED. is this a case of two outta three aint bad?) Thanks to all who attended, hope to see you at our next event, a Quiz Night.

Kenny does his Robert De Niro impersonation-YOU LOOKIN' AT ME.Melissa couldn't believe her ears as Andrew broke wind discreetly

Posted November 27, 2011 by tony mcdonald

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