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Buried Treasure.

Sadly the Social Committee had to cancel the Pub Treasure Trail at the last minute after we received a message to say that Diane, who was going to be setting the trail, wouldn’t be able to complete the task, she had broken her leg some weeks back and as it is a two man job (ED. you are not allowed to say two man these days) Oh sorry, as it is a job for two men (ED. I give up!!) she was not really able to do it on her own so it was decided to postpone the event until later in the year. E-Mails were sent to as many people as possible, an announcement was put on the Virginie smiles as Alan tries to remember his name.main website

(ED. have you seen the new look, its just delovely. Our thanks to Alistair who for many years looked after the previous set up with great insight and vision unlike his stage career where he occasionally “winged it”. Most of the time being a webmaster can be a thankless task, so let’s hear it for Alistair, YEEE HAAAR.) and also the Sons of SMYCMS website to try and tell every one not to turn up because the event had been cancelled.

As a safeguard it was decided that Alan and Tony would meet at the Haymarket Bar at 7:00p.m. (ED. just for the one, I suppose) just in case anybody turned up who had not heard the sad news. As Tony entered the bar at 7:05 a loud voice accosted his ears, “Tony, at last somebody I know, I’ve been all around the bar and haven’t seen anyone I know and I’m absolutely gasping for a drink” it was Tricia, she had been on two days holiday and had missed the E-Mail, when Tony explained what had happened Trish looked crestfallen, she had been looking forward to a night on the town followed by a night on the tiles (ED. how many times have you woken up on the bathroom floor after a heavy night on the demon drink, and wondered what you were doing there)  Tony offered to buy Patricia a drink, it was the least he could do, and besides he would have to wait for Alan appearing, (ED. he usually likes a drink, just the one of course), so having a drink with the lovely Virginie, (ED. I’m not sure I want to know) would be a pleasure. Any way just as Tony was getting his wallet out who should walk in but Jayne and Steve quickly followed by Alan, have you noticed, when you offer to buy a drink there are all these people who appear, thanks very much  Peter tells the other lovely Susan and Sarah that he is only singing a song about gay paree but that he does have a pert bottom.Tony mine’s a pint!!. Next Peter  appeared followed by Susan, Laura,  Paul (stage name Tony) and Zoe.  Eventually the other lovely Susan and  Sarah arrived and lastly the star of our  show, Lech wandered in. I tell you it  was the best cancelled event that the  SMYCMS have held, we must do it  more often.

From what we could gather most of the ones who had turned up had all decided to come along anyway, just for the one you understand, even though they knew the event had been cancelled. Several drinks later we were still there carousing , chatting, laughing having a very pleasant evening.

Minor Irritations No.5

Being told by a girlie that you are wrong.

There Tony sat, Lech smiles and hugs the other, other lovely Susan as he finds out that she doesn't really hate men.quietly insisting that he did not say the word ‘success’ in his speech at the end of act one, and there sat the other, other lovely Susan insisting that he did, so to prove his point Tony went through his lines only to get to the line “with no assurance of success”, Yikes!!. He will be changing the line to read, ” with no assurance that it will work” and he will not be telling the other, other lovely Susan so that she will be waiting for her cue to move i.e. success, but it will not be there so she will not move and…………(ED. boys will be boys. Don’t worry, he won’t and you will.) €

So there you have it, a pleasant evening all round with thanks to all who turned up, the usual suspects as well as the not so usual, and stayed for the evening. It was great to see lots of smiles, especially from those who can get a little stressed at this time with just one Paul (stage name Tony) tries to encourage Laura our Director to give him more linesweek before we arrive at the theatre for the real thing, Don’t Worry Be Happy. And finally, did you know that there wasn’t a single bag of crisps eaten all evening, Alan what was wrong?, you must have had a lovely tea time treat before you had to rush off to catch the bus to get to the Haymarket Bar for seven, you know you could always turn up at the Pre-show party as a cold fish? See you all there next Friday, this is Frank Exposure outside the Gents toilet saying goodbye till the next time.

Posted November 27, 2011 by tony mcdonald

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