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Smycms are no more, they have been assigned to that big stage in the sky, as of July 2016 the company that was formed in 1963 closed its curtains for the last time. Their last production was Bugsy Malone back in 2010, since then it has been a hard uphill task to kick start the company. Several attempts were made to stage a full production , then latterly a concert was planned but both succumbed to lack of company members and dwindling funds. wardrobe

Our Costume Wardrobe, which included lots of costumes hand made by our Wardrobe Mistress and volunteers, was broken up with many of the costumes ending up in landfill. This was the final and only option at the end as we couldn’t find a suitable home or someone who would take them off our hands, which was very sad as our wardrobe had been built up over a long period of time. We did manage to dispose of many costumes to other wardrobes/companies, so you may see them treading the boards some place in the future.

Thanks for the memories.

Tony McDonald,


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Once again the Ol’ Cap’n was out on a Friday night at Madison’s Bar and Diner in Musselburgh tryin’ to  encourage fellow colleagues to come out to play after work. Friday 26 of  October was the first of a 3 month trial to instigate more social activities among me office crew. After much speculation only Ruth and Isabel joined the Ol’ Cap’n Rocket Ron for an evening of food, drink and chit chat followed by some good vibes on the dance floor, also The Hibbees were cuffin’ Motherwell by 4 goals to nil on the big screen, which was as big a surprise as the poor turnout, considerin’ they were playin’ mostly in the bottom half of the league last season.

Some how the Ol’ Cap’n has been roped in to organisin’ social shenanigans because  people complained that we were all work and no play, but then when you do they are reluctant to commit. Same ol’ story. Hopefully we’ll get a few more turnin’ up next time when we have our second visit to Madison’s at the end of November.  Our office Christmas Party on the 21st December will be well attended. However we had a pleasant evening and more importantly the Ol’ Cap’n went home on the bus rather than the usual stumble up the road.

Things on the boil include a quiz night, a pub treasure trail and watch out for our fifteen minute panto, i’ll be lookin’ for volunteers if not ye’ll be press ganged, oh no we won’t, oh yes ye will. Did I mention me big sausage, no, best not, you know how jealous some people get. Finally who has seen me sporting a reindeer posing pouch, Neigh-Neigh-body I hope.

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Sadly we had to cancel our production of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers scheduled for Tuesday 17th to Saturday 21st April 2012. Basically we could not find enough guys who wanted to be a part of  this classic Hollywood musical.

This is the second year running this has happened as we also had to cancel our 2011 Production of Eurobeat which was a great shame as it is a fabulous show, a spoof on the Eurovision song Contest complete with audience participation including mobile phone voting to determine the winner, again we couldn’t get enough people on board to make it work, maybe someone is trying to tell us something.

This is a real shame as our previous productions have been excellent. I read an article recently that complained about Amateur Musical societies always playing it safe by constantly doing shows from the list of Hollywood classics, e.g. Carousel, South Pacific, Oklahoma etc and not choosing new or modern shows, well I  don’t hold with this view and from The Smycms point of view just doesn’t cut ice. Our 2010 production was an adult version of Bugsy Malone, then in 2008 we took a revue on the life of Cole Porter called Red, Hot and Cole and turned it into a full company show, now if that’s not being innovative and living dangerously (we even designed and built our own working splurge guns for Bugsy) then I don’t know what is.

We are currently trying to organise a concert for later in the year and as it will be our 5oth anniversary year in 2013 we are looking to hold a reunion of ex members of which there are many (details to follow), but as I have said on many occasions,  I can’t do this on my own, nor can Paul Findlay our current chairman (who is seriously considering his future involvement with the company he has been with since the early days)  or Paul Whyte, we need your support or will just become a tribute site to one of the better companies that have graced the Edinburgh Amateur stage.

Thanks for reading. Tony McDonald, The Editor.


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Well it be a while since the Ol’ Cap’n put pen to paper but I haven’t been out much lately, sorry what I mean is I’ve been out but not much has happened. That is until the leavin’ do, the two Davids, movin’ on to new offices, decided to have a farewell drink at Madisons in Musselburgh on Friday the 28th September.

Naturally the Ol Cap’n would attend, just the one you’ll understand, to say a fond farewell to Messers Mclean  and Bryson.  Unfortunately it was a poor turnout with only six colleagues to chit the chat with David box 4 n’ David box 3, however we had a pleasant evening. We talked the talk and discussed the discuss, we also recounted the recount, then David box 4 told how he went all the way to Canada on holiday once only to bump into his next door neighboour, and David box 3 explained how he came to be known as Disco Dave, sadly he left before he could prove it on the dance floor, fortunately the Ol’ Cap’n Rocket Ron was on hand to burn the floor.

By this time only the lovely wench Ruth remained with the Ol’ Cap’n suppin’ the Ol’ Jack Daniels, the DJ  was startin’ to warm up and the Ol’ Cap’ns  feet were twitchin’, I should have left for home at this point but the music was startin’ to improve and then a blonde woman appeared beggin’ for a dance, well how could I resist a damsel in distress, unfortunately I hadn’t banked on her other 7 friends joining in. What followed next was a blur of baggy trousers and Madness and Neil Diamond, finally I escaped back to my seat and Ruth.

We decided to call it a night, but not before my new found friend Fiona had dragged me up again to do The Slosh, shouting shake yer bum several times, she was clearly drunk, then introducing me to her friends as we danced along. Now would be a good time to leave in one piece I thought and so Ruth and myself left and headed for home. You always leave the ladies wantin’ more. Till the next time, which will be an office night out on Friday 26th October at Madisons, hopefully Fiona and her pals won’t be there wantin’ more.

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Saw this and thought of The Smycms.Need I say any more.

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As you are no doubt aware The Smycms have been trying to stage Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Sadly for Smycms insufficient people were prepared to audition for the show and it is therefore not possible to continue with this production.

Those people who did attend the auditions last Monday evening are extremely keen to “do something” and have suggested performing a concert.

The concert would take the place of our show at the Church Hill Theatre during the week 17th to 21st April 2012, probably a two or three night run.

We plan to start rehearsals at the beginning of February on a night to be arranged at St Michael’s Church.

As a past supporter of Smycms We would like you to consider taking part – as without you the company may not be able to continue.

Whether you are able to help or not, could you please advise us of your intentions by 28th January 2012.

With regards to the future – only with your help can Smycms survive.

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Posted on Dec 15th, 2010 by The Editor
Smycms are not doing a production of Eurobeat for 2011 as we had hoped instead we will be staging a couple of fund raising concerts, this will enable us to return in 2012 with a big flashy showstopper musical that everybody will want to be a part of (ED.we have had discussions about doing Seven Brides For Seven Brothers but don’t tell any one till its confirmed.), assuming there is anybody out there as we seemed to have frightened everyone away.EUROBEAT. Eurobeat however has been put on the back burner and will appear sometime in the next few years  if not by The Smycms then by some other company as it is too good a show not to be done, and in case you didn’t know, Liam Rudden, entertainment guru for the Evening News thinks it is a fabulous show, I totally agree but then what does little ol’ me know.

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Posted on Sep 22nd, 2010 by The Editor

Well it finally happened, after two years of plannin’ and deliberation the Ol’ Cap’n took the hook by the shaft and organised a Talk Like a Pirate disco at the Shandon Bar. Unfortunately the gods conspired against me as the only person to make an appearance was Andrew Hannah, who enjoyed a couple of drinks before leaving early (Ed. he had been promised wall to wall pirate babes, but unfortunately the Ol’ Cap’n simply doesn’t measure up though he does have a pert arse, so i’m led to believe, according to Graham Angus that is.) Luckily the grub had been cancelled so no waste but it did mean that I had to buy a supper from ye olde chipper.The Ol' cap'n
The night started at 7:00 and ended at 10:00, no dancing was attempted though the music was excellent. Several glasses of Highland Park 12 year old whisky was supped before I called it a day, but not before I won Best  Dressed Pirate Award and also Most Original Pirate Name (Ed. Editors decision is final.) Speakin’ of chips, I was eatin’ me supper while standin’ at the bus stop, the rain was chuckin’ it down, when me bus arrived. I jumps on board and as i puts me doubloons in the slot the lady bus driver looks at me supper and growls at me “You’ll need to cover that up, nae hot food allowed” she points at the sign below, “NAE HOT FOOD” , “You are Jokin’ me” says I as I stumble to me seat, Hot Food!!, what a joke my chips were nearly cold, what do they think is goin’ to happen, Pirate attacks old woman with a hot chip, no I don’t think so. This left me grumblin’ all the way home, though me wife was pleased when I arrived home at the Dead Parrot BEFORE eleven o’clock, I hadn’t missed the bus and hadn’t got lost, which just goes to prove that it is not the Ol’ Cap’ns fault when he rolls in sometimes worse for the wear, well after midnight it must be other people as was the case at Caths Leavin’ do at Staggs pub in Musselburgh a few weeks back when I again missed the last bus and had to walk home. This was caused by one of the girls announcing, just as the Ol’ Cap’n was about to leave, that she had put on stockings thinkin’ they were hold ups but then quickly realised they were driftin’ down her legs at every opportunity…… !! What is a Pirate to do but offer to help a damsel in distress, I found a rubber band to spare her blushes so naturally I couldn’t leave until she stood up just to see if me rubber band held fast, What…..!!!!!!!!!. See you all next year September 19th 2011 for the 2nd Sons of Smycms Talk Like A Pirate Day Disco. Accept no substitute.

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Posted on Sep 8th, 2010 by The Editor

Well its finally here The Official Sons of Smycms Talk Like A Pirate Disco Party At the Shandon Bar in Slateford 7:30 p.m. start Tickets £5. Talk Like A Pirate Day, the chance to talk like a pirate for one day in the year (Ed. Is there an echo in here?) It is a great idea and you know what’s really great about it, apart from gettin’ to talk like a pirate, is the fact that you can dress up if you want to.All that is required is to TALK LIKE A PIRATE. (Ed. Some of us like to dress up as well and give ourselves silly Pirate names too.)

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Posted on June 2nd, 2010 by The Editor

Well as all you good people out there know, the Ol’ Cap’n works at Jobcentre Plus as a Civil Servant, but since the election all the talk has been about savin’ money with cost cutting exercises, job losses, etc. Because of this The Ol’ Cap’n has future proofed his position by becomin’ multi-skilled, of course this comes easy to a pirate like me what with me piratin’ skills like plunderin’ an’ lootin’ an’ fightin’ an carousin’, I must be a valuable asset to the Department, but just in case they’re thinkin’ otherwise, I am also available fer swabbin’ the desks (ED. don’t you mean Decks!!). The only trouble with multi skillin’  though, is that it takes all day and you still haven’t achieved anything significant, a little bit here and a little bit there, but you still have a pile of paper on the desk at the end of the day. Last evening I took all this paper and put it in a cardboard box to make it easier to carry it up stairs to put it away in a cupboard, but just as I got to the security door and as i reached over with me keycard to open it one of the handles decides to come away in me hand and tips all the content on to the floor. To say I used a bad word would be tellin’ a lie, I used several bad words some were even repeated. Just what the Ol’ Cap’n Rocket Ron needs before going home. Maybes
that’s why i’ve taken to drinkin’ a wee Baileys when I gets home to me ship the Dead Parrot, It be very pleasin’ after a day on the high seas if you know what I mean. 

Somebody at work gave me a little plant today, the trouble is, it’s a Delphinium and on my past reputation it will not survive long in me fair hands. I have had no luck with them as they all seem to die and never re-appear. So will have to be vigilant and not do anything to hamper its growth, maybe I should leave it at work, at least it will brighten up my desk with all its paperwork, it can sit in the defunct  cardboard box with only one handle, a perfect example of recyclin’.Ooh Arr me little beauties, this be the Ol’ Cap’n wishin’ you all the best until the next time. (ED.hopefully still with your Delphinium but not all the paperwork!!.)

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