My Fair Lady   Leave a comment

Scenes from the show.

Oh my, Isn't she common as muck.Ere Mister, can I have an autograph, Yes the names' Ripper, Jack the RipperYou're not Pickering, You're that Marvo the Magician chappie. No I don't think I'm related to Dr. Dolittle, I can't talk to animals.
Where am I gonna get 2 dozen roses at this time of day, I ask you.Very Funny! Now who put the whoopee cushion on my chair.
I take it you don't like Terry Wogans version of The Floral Dance then.

Sorry Alfie, but you've gone an' split yer trousers right up the back.
My Fair Ladies tooSo the Barman says, He should have quit while he was ahead. HAHA HAHA.
It's a beautiful dress Pickering, yes Higgins a snip at £19.99, Matalan you know.Isn't she just bloomin' loverly.
Cor blimey, I've only gone an forgot the next bleedin' line.Is that the Strictly Come Dancing vote line

Posted November 27, 2011 by tony mcdonald

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