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This is for our younger visitors, here you will find jokes, puzzles and stories. Please see below  where we have an original story that has never ever been published.


So I says to the Gym Instructor, “Can you teach me to do the splits?” He said, “How flexible are you?”. I said, “I can’t make Tuesdays”.

A jump lead walks into a bar, and the barman says, “I’ll serve you, but don’t start any thing”.

So I said to the train driver, “I want to go to Paris”.He said, “Eurostar?” I replied, “I’ve been on telly but I’m no Dean Martin”

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There are five differences, can you spot them?
 What's different from the above photo?.
Can you see which is the odd one out, Tony can because Tony is clever, Are you clever?

It's A, because the other ones are for coffee.
AN UNEXPECTED NIGHT written by Ronald McDonald
Chapter One
The room was dark, the only light came from a gap in the curtains where the moon shone in. A little boy lay under the sheets of his bed. His name was Roy and he lived in a village near a forest.Every thing seemed quiet, until Roy heard a noise. He peeped out from beneath the sheets in time to see a figure climb out the window. Roy decided to follow, quick as a flash he pulled on his clothes, then he too climbed out the window. A little way down the lane Roy saw the figure walking, he hurried after the stranger, then, just as he was getting nearer, Roy fell over a tree root. Down he went into the grass, right on top of a prickly thistle. A yell of pain echoed through the forest. The stranger ran back up the lane and when he saw the little boy on the ground, he burst out laughing.
“It’s not funny.” said Roy climbing to his feet.
“It is when it happens to somebody else.” laughed the stranger.
Roy jumped back on to the path,
“My name is Roy.” he said.
“And my name is Nyke,” replied the stranger, “and I am a Noolyook, my home is in the forest.”
“But what were you doing in my room?.” asked Roy.
“I was looking for a corkscrew.” came the reply.
Roy thought it very funny and started to laugh,
“A corkscrew,” he chuckled, “you were looking for a corkscrew.”
“Wouldn’t you, if you had lost a corkscrew and had 200 bottles to open.” exclaimed Nyke.
“Boy I’ve never even seen that many bottles, anytime, must be something big.” said Roy excitedly.
” Yes, we’re having a party with our friends the Tovs,” said Nyke “why don’t you come, you’d enjoy it”.
” Who are the Tovs?” asked Roy, beaming a smile at the thought of a party.
” The Tovs live in the caves, and they are letting us use their main cave, but if we don’t stop chattering, we will miss all the fun.” replied Nyke.
So, with the corkscrew in his pocket, Nyke and Roy set out through the trees. They talked and laughed together and soon thay came to clearing in the forest. In the gloom ahead, they could see the entrance to a cave. Without saying a word, Nyke walked into the darkness. Roy followed slowly. Inside there was a lamp hanging on the wall. The lamp lit a door at the end of the cave. The two friends passed through the doorway into a dark passage. As Roy walked along the passage he suddenly found himself all alone in the dark. Where was Nyke he wondered to himself. Roy looked back and saw a light flickering along the passage wall, when round the corner came a Tov carrying a lamp,
“Hello,” said the Tov.
“Hello,” said Roy, “You must be aTov.”
“That’s right,”  said the Tov, “the name’s Glump”.
“You can call me Roy,” said the little boy.
He then asked if Glump had seen a Noolyook pass by.
“I aint seen no one at all.” replied Glump.
“And are you going to the party,” asked Roy.
“Why of course I’m going, wouldn’t miss it for anything.” answered Glump as he carried on down the dim passage. Roy ran to catch up.
“Wow, it sounds great,” said Roy,  I’m ready for a party”.
“Well what are we waiting for,” said Glump, “Let’s go”.
The two friends the danced away into the darkness, on their way to the party.To be continued………….?

Captain Pugwash Interactive Storybook.


Posted November 27, 2011 by tony mcdonald

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